What is cuter than a 3 year old baseball themed birthday shoot?

February 15, 2016

If you haven’t been around a 3 year old recently then you are missing out! They are a ball of energy! But that’s not so fun when your are the photographer who recently injured her back and needs to chase a 3 year old around! So how do you get these super cute poses when you can’t chase the little cutie? Here is my top secret trick… (With the parents permission) I bribe the little one with M&M’s!! Mom or my assistant hold the M&M’s and every time I get the pose I am going for I reward with 1 M&M or 2 if he/she did a GREAT job!! Then I send him home with an unopened package too! If the kids have fun, mom gets the shots she was hoping for and everyone is happy!


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